The Horseboy Method

The Horseboy method is a tried and tested Autism Therapy using Horses, developed by Author, Film Producer and Autism Dad Rupert Isaacson. Mel is a qualified Registered Instructor and Horseboy Method Practitioner having traveled to County Wicklow Ireland in 2012 to be trained by Rupert.
We offer one to one Therapy and Therapeutic Riding at our Salters Lode private venue and these sessions are developed for individuals with in put from SENS Schools and Care workers. The sessions are partially funded by events we run in Summer and can be offered from as little as £15.00.

Methods we use include:

Sensory work…

Getting hands on with the horses, laying our hands on the, ‘Bum Hugging ‘ ‘Diper Shaking‘ gentle rocking of the pelvis which helps produce Oxytocine the bodies own happy chemical. We also have Guinea pigs, Hens and Domestic Pets including a very lovable border terrier, to help promote a Happy learning environment.

Trick work…

Cyril our mini pony and his companion have been trained so that the Autism participants can command Tricks from him, including, ‘Smile’ Bow and rear (Cyril is not ridden )

Back Riding /Hippo therapy…

Once participants are engaged and happy around the horses and the environment we promote Back Riding. This can be on their own or in some cases with an Instructor on board too. We also use and promote long reigning as a transition to independent riding and use a Western Saddle for this activity.
The use of Rule based games helps promote a healthy learning environment and we use the sensory environment around us to learn, Maths, History, English and much much more. These games are incorporated into our Educational Programs.

Educational Programs…

The Sunshine Centre for Therapeutic Riding CIC Has its very own Educational Program in Animal Care, we also use ASDAN. We are happy to work alongside Teachers and care staff to develop individual programs to each individuals needs.
Learning a Dressage test and riding in a schooling area using letters as Markers can become a whole new ball game with our schemes of work.

Independent Riding…

Many participants have over time progressed to riding independently learning to steer with use of the reins and their body positioning, use their legs for transitions and lateral movements of the horse, all of which helps co-ordination and concentration in ASD and Dyspraxic kids.


We organize and run regular playdates. Places are always limited to give participants the best out of the session, these are usually themed and held in the school Holidays. Please check facebook and our events page. Playdates help with social interaction and help build on life skills. These playdates are usually half day events and are priced at a partially funded fee of £20.00.

Residential Horse Boy Camps…

We hold regular residential camps in Norfolk and offer either camping or Bed and Breakfast accommodation. The Camp is run from Friday to Monday and offers the family unit time out together, using the Horse as the therapist.
Camp costs are partially funded. Please contact us to discuss your family needs so that we can price accordingly.
Mel and Rupert Isacacson at Horseboy training in County Wicklow

Mel with Rupert Isaacson

Mel at Horseboy method training

Mel Horseboy method training in County Wicklow

Play dates the Horseboy way

Pony play dates, just one of our methods.